6 Things to do in Soulful Malecon

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Malecon is a popular destination in Havana and is an undoubted symbol of the city. It is a sea drive that stretches 7 kilometers long and it is an inspiration to many. It is a great place of romantic meeting for new lovers, an inspiration of painters and artists, and a place to think for philosophers.

1- Open-Air Theater

Tourists who visit Malecon never miss the open air theater, which is known as “the world’s longest sofa.” This theater is usually filled with many people, from locals to tourists that you can get to know and make lifelong friendships with. Cubans are usually very welcoming and friendly. There are also cute cafés and bars here where you can order delicious food.

2- Rent your own villa

In Malecon, there are many housing options for visitors. Luxurious and prestigious hotels are available as well as hotels with swimming pools that are well suited for families. Many tourists nowadays have started to opt for renting their own holiday villa cuba to have more space and privacy. These villas come fully equipped and furnished to make sure that your stay is enjoyable.

3- Walk along the Malecon

In the early morning or late afternoon, the scenery in Malecon is breathtaking and exquisite. Even though there are rides that you can rent that will take you from one end of the Malecon to another, taking a walk is always a great and refreshing idea. There are many sites to see and take photos of as you walk around with your loved ones, not to mention the parks that you will pass that are also beautiful to see.

4- Get Wild

Malecon de la Havana is famous for great nightlife. 23rd street in Malecon has the best ambiance in the evenings. Many locals go out there to enjoy the wonderful Cuban breeze as they play music and dance together. There are also many bars available that offer tradition Cuban drinks and cocktails. These bars not only have great service; they also have great views of the sea.

5- Be fascinated by a diving show

Malecon has some of the best divers. These divers are not only skilled; they are also risktakers. Divers in Malecon jump from the seadrive into the sea and sometimes even put on a free show for those willing to watch. They would perform acrobatic jumps into the sea below and you will get to watch and take videos for free as you enjoy the sun above.

6- Go fishing

If it has always been your dream to go fishing as the sun rises in the background, Malecon is the best place to do so. You can simply bring your fishing gear out and start fishing. There are some places in the neighborhood that will rent out fishing gear for you if you don’t have any. Go out and enjoy some fishing quality time with your best buddies or your children.

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