A Guide to Help You Spend a Day in Old San Juan

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An unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico raises the interests of many visitors. It is the smallest island of the Greater Antilles and is rich in culture, history and activities to do. The tropical island of Puerto Rico is home to many exotic hideaways, many miles of sandy beaches, mountains and valleys and other amazing natural wonders.

When visiting Puerto Rico, your top destination should be Old San Juan, which is a 500-year-old town known as the historic district and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To help plan your next memorable trip, here is a guide for how you should spend your day in Old San Juan.

Breakfast in Old San Juan

Of course, to give you energy for an adventure-filled day ahead, you would need a rich and energizing breakfast. Head over to Cafeteria Mallorca to start off your morning. Cafeteria Mallorca is rated as one of the best breakfast and brunch places in Old San Juan. The food on their menu is delicious but also filling and all of the ingredients that they use are fresh.

Walking Tour of Old San Juan

Sign up for a walking tour of Old San Juan. Tour guides will be present and will walk you through the Town of Old San Juan. Doing a walking tour of this town is a great idea because it will enable you to discover everything that there is to know about Old San Juan. Your tour will focus on the historical importance on Old San Juan and all of the different buildings and monuments that go with it. Your tour guides will be able to answer any questions you may have about Old San Juan.

Have Lunch at Vagon

Vagon is a local Mexican food truck restaurant that is found in the heart of Old San Juan, offering an array of delicious foods that you can eat for lunch. There are many options of food and the restaurant is also vegetarian friendly. You can order your lunch and then decide to go on a picnic on the grass, not far from the food truck, or you can eat on the seating that they provide for you.

Shopping in the Afternoon

After a mouthwatering lunch is a great time to go souvenir shopping. There are many shops that have many original souvenirs that you can buy if you don’t want to just stick with a Tshirt or hat. Hand crafted souvenirs that were made by the locals are found everywhere and are sold for cheap so that you can bring home a piece of Puerto Rico with you.

An Evening of Salsa Dancing

Puerto Ricans are known for their expertise in dancing. In the evening after your nice dinner, you can head out to dance spots such as La Factoria to show off your dance moves or to learn new ones. You will be able to bond with your friends over salsa dancing and who knows, you will even be able to meet new people there.

Late Night Drinks

Old San Juan is home to many different lounges and local bars, offering drinks from different kinds of beers to fancy cocktails. After a nice long evening of salsa dancing, make sure to convince one of your friends or family members to go bar hopping. If you haven’t had enough of dancing salsa, you can continue in the clubs that are all around Old San Juan. The streets of Old San Juan are always alive, even during the night.

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