Algarve: Things You Should Not Miss Doing

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Algarve is a region in Portugal that is popular among Europeans. In the past year, the region of Algarve has received about 7 million tourists and here are many activities to do there that you definitely should not miss!

Dolphin Watching Cruise

 Dolphins are cute animals that are a joy to watch. In Algarve, you will be able to rent a small motorized boat that will take you where you will find dolphins. This is a great activity to do along with your family, especially if you have children since it is both enjoyable and educational. You will get to see the common dolphins and the bottle-nosed dolphins and they will most likely swim right to your boat, since they are really friendly animals. Your tour guide will answer any questions you may have about them, and you will also be able to take pictures with these fascinating animals.

Wine Tour in Monchique

 Monchique is the rural area in Algarve, where the beauty of the country side is breathtaking. During this tour, you will visit a very famous wine cellar where you will be able to taste their amazing wines. Your guide will take you along the grape orchards and tell you a little bit about the steps to make wine and what to eat with what kind of wine. You will also be able to purchase wine as a souvenir of your inspiring trip.

Slide and Splash Water Park

 Slide & Splash is one of the largest water parks in Europe. There are many aquatic activities that are open to all ages. There are roller coasters, restaurants, spas, and even animal shows available there. Some of the rides that you can go on are called Kamikaze Renewal, the Tornado or the Black Hole, all of which will raise your adrenaline! It is assured that you will have the best time in this water park whether you are visiting with a group of friends or your family. There are rides that are safe and suitable for children as well.

Praia da Falésia

 This beach is a gorgeous, golden sandy beach that looks like you have walked into a postcard. It is the greatest and the longest beach in Portugal, andit’s azure sea is breathtaking. In Praia da Falésia, you will be able to take a walk on the beautiful, warm beach and enjoy the peace it has to offer.



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