Park Kruger, A Perfect Destination to Travel in With Children

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Kruger National Park is located in South Africa. It is one of the largest reserves in Africa and has animals ranging from lions, elephants, and even buffalos. Kruger National Park is also home to many mammals and other beautiful species of birds. Not to mention the landscape that is diverse and breathtaking to see. It is one of the top destinations for many families who wish to go on vacations together that is safe and inspiring. There are many activities that you can do to spend quality time with your children.

Wilderness Trail

 Kruger National Park will offer an authentic wilderness experience for families who visit. Walking with a tour guide in the wilderness will be both fun and educational for children who visit the Park. Children will be able to experience nature first hand and all of their five senses will be put to use. Make sure that your children have on walking shoes, a hat and bottle of water so that they are ready for their walk.

Wilderness Drives

 Drives are for families who are travelling with very little ones that cannot walk yet. For this activity, visitors usually rent a jeep that will be able to go on safari. A guide usually goes along with you to explain the different animals that you will be seeing as you drive around in the park, and to answer any questions that your children may have. You will get to have a close look at the wild animals that roam around. You can either pick whether you want to go on a morning drive, a sunset drive or an evening drive. For the morning drive, you will get to watch the sun rise, for the sunset drive, you will get to see the beauty of the wilderness as day turns into night. For the evening drive, you will get to witness the nocturnal animals living in the park and what their activities are when it gets dark.


 Bird watching is an activity where you can spend quality time with your children. There are about 500 species of birds found inside the National Park such as vultures, bee-eaters, hornbills, etc. Each part of the park will have different species of birds living in them. You can record and take pictures of the birds that you have seen and observe them to see what they eat and how they live.

All in all, visiting National Kruger Park with your children will be worth it. Not only will they learn new things and observe new animals, they will also enjoy themselves.

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