Places to Visit During Your Stay in London

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London is a very popular place to visit and has been a dream destination for many. London is the largest city in both England and in the United Kingdom. It is located on the Thames River in south-eastern England. London is also home to a diverse range of people and is a melting pot of many cultures. For people visiting, there are many options for housing in London, including Greece vacation rentals that they can rent for their whole family or group of friends.

Because many tourists desire to visit London, there are many attractions available for those who visit this city. Below are activities that you can do with your family and friends during your visit:

Buckingham Palace

 Every summer, the official residence of the English Queen and the administrative headquarters of the UK is open for the public to visit. The Buckingham Palace itself is beautiful and has 775 rooms. When you go to the Buckingham Palace, make sure you visit the State Rooms that are adorned with luxurious furniture. There are 19 State Rooms in the Palace along with 78 bathrooms. Some of these state rooms that you can visit were used for the Royal Wedding. The rooms have marble columns, beautiful carpets, fine furniture, sculptures, and gorgeous wallpaper.

The Throne Room is another room that you can visit that is popular among tourists. The Throne Room contains the thrones that are used in ceremonial receptions and every other event that the Queen hosts. This room is also the background of a lot of the royal wedding photos of Princess Elisabeth (now Queen) and the Duke of Edinburgh from their wedding 1947.

London Graffiti Workshop

 For all of the tourists who are artistic and love being creative, make sure to go to the London Graffiti Workshop. This workshop is located in the Shoreditch area. You will be provide with your own spray paint and your own space on the walls for you to draw on. There is also a street art tour that you will be able to go on for inspiration.

Comedy Shows

Comedy shows are located in London at the Grove, which is an award-winning and authentic modern restaurant. Professional comedians and hilarious hosts are invited to this restaurant to perform and good food is also served as people watch. This will be a great time to hang out with your friends around some drinks and listen to a comedy show done by a professional.

London Zoo

 For those who travel with their children, the London Zoo is a great place to take them during your visit. The London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. This zoo is home to 750 species and over 17,000 animals. Your children will be able to visit the Gorilla Kingdom and be in very close proximities to many different interesting animals.

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