Top Attractions in Spain Worth Visiting

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When you think Spain, you think of a country, rich in culture, you think of passion and sophistication. Spain is a country that is more diverse than you can ever imagine until you visit it. Spain has always been a popular destination for Americans, Europeans, and many other tourists as well. Below are top attractions in Spain that you should visit for when you decide to come to Spain yourself.

Mosque of Cordoba

This Mosque is one of the largest in the world that is also known as Mezquita. It is one of the most fascinating Islamic pieces of art and architecture that is found in western Europe. This Mosque has about nineteen aisles and all of the patterns are perfectly symmetrical. The way the colors blend together inside the Mosque is spectacular.

Prado and Paseo Del Artes

For those who are passionate in art, this Museum is found in Madrid, Spain. The collections in this museum are rich and rank among the world’s top. These pieces of art are priceless and worth exploring.

This museum has the world’s largest collection of Spanish art that will definitely inspire you to create your own pieces of art. The collections stored in these museums are not only Spanish, there are some that were made by Dutch and Flemish artists.

Santiago Cathedral

This cathedral is majestic and magnificent. It tells a story that dates back to the Middle Ages and will put history lovers in awe. The Santiago Cathedral was one of the monuments made by Early Romans and the architecture shows this. In the entrance there is a triple doorway that is a fascinating Roman sculpture. The Capilla Mayor is the first thing that you will lay your eyes on as you enter this beautiful cathedral. It is made of jasper, silver, and many other precious metals and gems.

Plaza Mayor

This is a public space that is located in the heart of Madrid. It was historically the center of Old Madrid as well. It is a pedestrian only space that is filled with places to shop, places to eat, places to walk around and take pictures, and also places to enjoy the Madrid breeze.

La Rambia

This is a touristic spot that is located in Barcelona. As a tourist, whether you want to live in Barcelona, Madrid or any other Spanish city, there will be many housing options available for you. is a housing option that you can explore further as you plan your visit to Spain. La Rambia is a boulevard that is lined with trees that is open to pedestrians. This boulevard contains flower markets, books stores and restaurants and cafés that have open air tables where you can enjoy a meal at in the Spanish breeze. There are also artists, living statues, and live musicians that will animate the streets for you.

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