Top Three Activities to do in Byron Bay

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Byron Bay is a town alongside the beach of New South Wales, Australia. The climate in Byron Bay is humid and subtropical, meaning it is perfect—not too cold, not too hot. This town is popular and filled with many tourists, surfers, skydivers, and backpackers. Byron Bay is famous for the whales that visitors can watch, different activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, and also for it’s diverse wildlife.

Learn how to surf!

 The most popular thing to do in Byron Bay is to surf. There are many surfing competitions that take place there. If you have never surfed in your life before, this trip to Byron Bay could be the start of your surfing adventures. Byron Bay offers many surfing tours that can cater to beginners and even pros. You can rent a surf board and a wetsuit and head on your way to the ocean.

Go Skydiving!

 Your trip to Byron Bay will definitely one that is filled with thrill and adrenaline. After learning how to surf, you should then go skydiving. Just remember that you will get to tell all of your great stories to your friends and family back home.

Byron Bay is a skydive hotspot. Because of the location of Byron Bay, you will be able to see some others parts of Australia as you are in the sky. You will see miles and miles of jungle from up above as well as the beautiful golden coastline of the beaches and the deep blue ocean.

Enjoy the Byron Bay Nightlife

 If you feel up for it, you should even pull an all-nighter because Byron Bay’s nightlife is wild. There is a Hotel on Byron Bay that hosts reggae nights, where you will be able to eat delicious local food, dance, drink, and watch live reggae music. There is also a bar called the Railway Bar that hosts live music and live entertainment. Sometimes comedians speak there, which will be a great performance to watch as you hang out with your friends. In these different hotspots, you will be able to meet friendly locals who will be more than willing to get to know you and more about your culture as well.

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