Touring Bali on a Bike with Your Lover

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Bali, Indonesia is a dream destination for many, especially for couples going on their honeymoon or going on a little romantic trip. It is known for it’s rich culture and the beautiful sceneries that it has to offer. Bali is also part of the area in the world containing the highest biodiversity of marine species called the Coral Triangle.

A romantic activity that most couples do is touring Bali together on a bicycle. This makes for precious quality time together as you take in Bali’s beauty.

Countryside Bike Tour

 On this bike tour in the Bali countrysides, you will get to experience the beautiful villages, the breathtaking scenery and also the friendly and welcoming people of Bali. As a couple, you will be able to travel with other tourists or travel by yourselves, in the peaceful hidden tracks that are only accessible by bicycle. There are many tracks that you can choose from such as off road paths, dense plantations, bamboo forests or back roads. You will be able to stop and get some rest or have a little picnic with your loved one, when you wish. This country side tour will allow you to pass by 7.5 hectares of bamboo forests, a small village where you can get to know locals and watch them cut down bamboo to make different things. Then from the bamboo forests, you will be able to ride downhill to a rural Balinese town, where you will get to observe the culture and taste some local foods in a Balinese restaurant.

Plantations Bike Tour

 In this bike tour, you will get to ride by many rice terraces with your lover. This tour will be about 20 miles and will pass through sacred temples and villages. There is a coffee plantation on the tour where you can stop and get a chance to taste a variety of coffee, tea, and cocoa from Bali. Tour guides will be available to tell you about Bali’s plantations. After your bike ride, you will get to enjoy a Balinese lunch and spend quality time together. Make sure to take photos of this unforgettable memory and enjoy the intimate atmosphere with your loved one.

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